• International cooperation

International cooperation

Exchange between GVM students and students from a secondary school in Turin

Group photo at the GVM assembly hallIn March this year 22 students from the Liceo Scientifico Statale Gobetti, a secondary school in Turin, visited our second-year students. This inaugural exchange brought many unforgettable experiences to all involved.

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Adcote school – partnership and exchange in the UK

In January 2015, three members of GVM staff were guests of the Headmaster of Adcote School, a private boarding school for girls, in Shropshire, England. Its purpose was a cultural exchange between teachers, knowledge sharing and familiarising our teaching staff with UK life.





Subsequently, in February 2015, two female students from GVM took part in a two-week study visit at Adcote School, where they had the opportunity to try first hand what school life is like there. They boarded with the other Adcote girls, attended classes, and enjoyed trips in the surrounding countryside.



In September of the same year, 20 students from GVM visited Adcote through a mutual exchange programme. They stayed with host families of students and spent just under a week experiencing learning, culture and the environment. The visit was a huge success, with all students reporting what a great time they'd had there.


newspaper-2015Have you heard about Adcote school?
It is a private school for girls in the middle of nowhere, the nearest town is called Shrewsbury which is about 17 miles far away. It’s a really beautiful and lovely town, but let’s come back to the school…

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Students' exchange in Germany

Since 1993 there has been a cooperation between Gymnázium Velké Meziříčí and Gymnasium Weilheim in Bavaria in Germany. The most important part of this cooperation are the students´ exchange stays. In autumn one class of Gymasium Weilheim (10-year students) with their two teachers come to stay in Velké Meziříčí while our students (2-year) stay in Bavaria in June. During the stay both students get to know the life in their partner school as well as the town and some landmarks of the region.

The importance of this exchange programme is not only to use and improve the practical knowledge of a foreign language (German, English) but, what is maybe more important, the students can also learn about the way of life and culture of their foreign friends and another country.

After the exchange students and their teachers make a chronicle where you can find the information about the students, programme of the stay, students' impressions, experiences and also photographs.

In 2005 the German students have brought a hand-made book where they introduce themselves.

Overseas Partnership Schools

  • Smedbergsskolan, Vansbro, Sweden

We keep traditional friendly contacts with this school. Deputations of teachers and pupils come to see each other regularly. Last time, we welcomed five teachers from Smedbergsskolan on the occasion of our school’s centenary celebration in 1999.

But our relations with the town Vansbro, situated about 600 km northwest from Stockholm, are not restricted only to this school. Also the representatives of local authorities from Vansbro, who regularly visit Velke Mezirici, always call at our school.

Some teachers from both schools exchange informal friendly letters and emails and some of them have already paid each other a private visit.


  • St Christopher’s Special School Wrexham, England

  • Zespól Szkól Zawodowych Przygodzice, Poland

  • Publiczne Gimnazjum Zyrardów, Poland

  • Gymnasium an der Max-Planck-Straße Delmenhorst, Germany

The contacts with the above mentioned schools started after Mgr. Marie Kunderova had taken part in an in-service training of European Co-ordinators in St Jean d’Angély, France, in March 2001. Run and funded by the European Union, this training gave her an opportunity of meeting her colleagues from these schools.

By exchanging letters or emails in English, the pupils from various classes improved their practical knowledge of English and learned about the way of life of their foreign friends.

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