Overseas Partnership Schools

  • Smedbergsskolan, Vansbro, Sweden

We keep traditional friendly contacts with this school. Deputations of teachers and pupils come to see each other regularly. Last time, we welcomed five teachers from Smedbergsskolan on the occasion of our school’s centenary celebration in 1999.

But our relations with the town Vansbro, situated about 600 km northwest from Stockholm, are not restricted only to this school. Also the representatives of local authorities from Vansbro, who regularly visit Velke Mezirici, always call at our school.

Some teachers from both schools exchange informal friendly letters and emails and some of them have already paid each other a private visit.


  • St Christopher’s Special School Wrexham, England

  • Zespól Szkól Zawodowych Przygodzice, Poland

  • Publiczne Gimnazjum Zyrardów, Poland

  • Gymnasium an der Max-Planck-Straße Delmenhorst, Germany

The contacts with the above mentioned schools started after Mgr. Marie Kunderova had taken part in an in-service training of European Co-ordinators in St Jean d’Angély, France, in March 2001. Run and funded by the European Union, this training gave her an opportunity of meeting her colleagues from these schools.

By exchanging letters or emails in English, the pupils from various classes improved their practical knowledge of English and learned about the way of life of their foreign friends.

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